Julien Bontemps, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist has joined the F4 team riding F4 Race and Slalom foils.

As we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving in the US and winter weather is approaching in the northern hemisphere, F4 is continuing with R&D full on. A new race foil as well as the next generation slalom foils are planned to be released in the next couple of months in time for the 2021 PWA season. 

With that, F4 is incredibly pleased to announce Julien Bontemps, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist has joined the F4 team riding F4 Race and Slalom foils. Julien has been involved with R&D for the last couple of years helping test and develop the latest designs with several PWA podium finishes and the IFCA vice-world championships in 2020 along the way. Julien has been involved with foils nearly since day one helping us push the state of the art. As Chris Radkowski says “Julien provides critical feedback as a world champion for both our course racing and slalom foil development” 
“I couldn’t be more pleased to continue working with F4 on racing hydrofoils which have become the key element to racing. F4 designed the first practical hydrofoil for windsurf racing and were instrumental in creating the sport as we know it now” according to Julien
Wishing everyone the best as we head to winter and hoping that we well get back to normal racing and competition in 2021!


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