We are happy to have Spanish champion FERNANDO MARTÍNEZ DEL CERRO DELGADO on our team contributing to make F4 foils the best on the market!

F4 Foils R&D team member Fernando Martinez
F4 Foils is very happy to have Fernando on the team. He is an amazing professional rider that will continue helping us develop our next generation foils and reach new levels like never before. Located in Cadiz, Spain he has been continuously testing as well as racing with the F4 foils reaching new incredible speeds flying on the water. According to Fernando “When I first decided to get a windfoil back in 2016 I decided to go for the best at that time and I purchase an F4. They are the Pioners in performance Windsurf Foils. Now I have the chance to work with them in the R&D of the racing toys and this is so exciting and challenging at the same time as the racing Foils we have now are incredibly fast and so high performance. But I feel confidence towards the challenge as the talent of Chris Radkowski it has join together with the energy of a crazy passionate Team” Fernando is now training full on for the European championship 2020 that will be in the Azores in February 2021 with the support of F4 Foils. Visit Fernando’s Facebook page here or his website
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