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Hugo Thomas


Date of Birth: June 21, 2007

Country and Residence: New-Caledonia – Noumea

Sponsors: F4 Foils, Ridearth.nc

Disciplines: Windfoil, Slalom, Wingfoil

Accomplishments:  2nd challenge ACPV (under 15 years old)

The short story:  I’ve started windsurfing almost since I was born, my father used to take me for some sessions between his legs ! I really started on my own at the age of 5, I was mainly making some slalom and freestyle sessions. I discovered foiling 3 years ago and the feeling was so good, since then I can’t stop foiling almost every session and all kinds of wind. I really love to push to go the fastest I can on the foil on the slalom races. I’ve also starting wingfoiling one year ago, I really love to send big jumps and moves. 

My windsurfing goal is to become a PWA rider one day.

What do I do beside Windsurfing/Wingsurfing: I really love to go surfing on the glassy days, I’m lucky New Caledonia is also such a paradise with beautiful reef waves.

Instagram: @hugo_nc2000