F4 Windsurf Slalom Race Bundle

Regular Price 2,495$ excl.VAT3,295$ excl.VAT

The F4 foils are completely modular so all the wings fit the fuselages with options for tuttle or plate mount and carbon or aluminum masts.

The F4 Windsurf Slalom Set Foil is a next generation of speed and performance for slalom riding. This foil has the most radical front wing that enables higher speed and carving compared to our other wings. The pro surf series has much thinner profiles compared to our other wings, however are super stiff and controllable.

F4 foils are designed and tested in Northern California

  • 97 cm HM carbon mast
  • 620 sq cm front wing / 560 sq cm front wing
  • 100 cm fuselage / 90 cm fuselage 
  • 210 sq cm stabilizer / 170 sq cm stabilizer 
  • Bag
  • Screws
  • 97 cm HM carbon mast
  • 620 sq cm front wing
  • 100 cm  fuselage
  • 210 sq cm stabilizer
  • Bag
  • Screws
  • 97 cm HM mast
  • 560 sq cm front wing
  • 170 sq cm stabilizer
  • 90 cm fuselage
  • Bag
  • Screws

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