F4 Wing Freerace Foil

Regular Price 1,950$ excl.VAT

We are seeing huge interest from windsurfers, kiters, and surfers in wing board foiling. Wing boards offer a unique freedom and sensations at a lower barrier to entry for most. Wing boards have fewer moving parts compared to other wind sports and with a more compact design enables riders to go more places.
We at F4 have been obsessed with design and development all last summer and designed a specific performance oriented wings and geometry for wing boarding. The F4 Wing Freerace foil is based on our new 90cm plate mount carbon mast and new high aspect wing set. The front wing is 1050sq cm and 91cm in span. We have used thin sections and an efficient planform to allow both great low end performance as well as top speed. Low end performance is what keeps you flying during tacks and jibes. Speed is what everyone wants.
As with all our other foils, the wing foils is modular and interchangeable with other F4 foils. The same masts can be used on windsurf or SUP foil fuselages and the front wings can be interchanged with any of the other surf wings.
The F4 Wing Freerace Foil includes:
  • 90 cm plate mount carbon mast
  • 1050 sq cm front wing
  • 68.5 cm modular fuselage
  • 228 sq cm rear stabilizer



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