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Jordy Vonk


Date of Birth: June 14, 1993

Country and Residence: Dutch but currently living in Austria

Sponsors: Duotone – Fanatic – ION – Uijthoven – TWS – Hilx – Finish Fins, Surfcenter.nl, F4 Foils

Disciplines: Slalom / Foil (and some Wave for fun)


4th place PWA tour 2018/2019

2 PWA podiums

IFCA vice world Champion 2021

Dutch Champion 2016/2017/2020/2021

The short story: I learned windsurfing in 2005, got addicted in 2007; won my first trophee in that year as well and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to be: Professional windsurfer. In 2012 I made my debut on the PWA world tour and since 2016 I do the full tour, rising from 30th to 4th place in only 4 years. Now there’s only one thing left to do, climb up that podium and aim for the world title!

What do I do beside Windsurfing/Wingsurfing: Kitesurfing…. It’s not something I mention often haha, but in my free time I like to kite in the waves on the ocean. Beside that being a daddy also makes me never being bored 😉

Instagram: @jordyvonk
Facebook: @jordy.vonk.69