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High end race foils for windsurfing, using aerospace grade materials and
manufacturing processes in California, USA.


Date of Birth: 24 May 1984
Country and Residence: Bonaire 
Sponsors: F4 Foils, Point7, Future Fly Boards
Disciplines: Slalom, Freestyle, Foil and some wave sailing ooh yeah.
Accomplishments: 2x vice PWA Freestyle champion 2006 / 2010
48.59 knots Speed record at (500 m) Ludertiz 
Many top 10 PWA events overall rankings in both freestyle and Slalom thru out 2006 -2017
The short story: It all started with myself following my brother Tonky Frans footsteps, the sea was literally 1 minute walking from where we lived and we used to do all the land sports but nothing really gave me/us the sensation/will to keep going until we found windsurfing which filled that empty until today and don’t regret it and it is still is the best and most of all it gave me/us the best feeling that we can’t explain ever. together we trained help each to be who we are today. I say we because it’s the way we made it the top. two brothers from the Caribbean island of Bonaire, with a vision a dream to make it and bring our island be known to the world. it’s just amazing.
What do I do beside windsurfing: The sea bring  peace i spend most or all my days , weeks, months at the beach where I am owner of a windsurf center – The Frans Paradise – together with my brother Tonky Frans, so we provide windsurf lessons and rentals and wind foil rentals and lesson. this is the best thing beside still being a professional is just amazing in the Caribbean.
Nickname: Goodtime
Date of Birth: 1st of june 1979
Country and Residence: France
Where can you find me most of the time during the year: on the water
Sponsors: F4 Foils, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Distinxion, Hoalen
Disciplines: Foiling and wave sailing for fun
Accomplishments: Silver Olympic medalist 2008 and 4 x Olympic class World Champ
What everybody should know about me: I’m since more than 20 years in the olympic program. During this time I was also doing wave sailing, freestyle, surf etc…
What do I do beside windsurfing: Surf foil, wave riding, SUP foil, Sup
Nickname: Big C
Date of Birth: 25th of February 1994
Country and Residence: Denmark
Sponsors: F4 Foils, Dansk Sejlunion, Maritim Center Skive
My motto: Hard work pays off
Disciplines: Foil Course Racing
Accomplishments: Nordic Foil Champion 2020, U20 World Champion Formula Windsurfing 2013
The short story: I started windsurfing when i was 10 & never looked back. Early on i focused on Formula and Slalom and that’s how i started working with F4 on fin design. Our productive relationship continued when foil started to become big in 2017. In addition i spent 3 years on an Olympic campaign in foiling catamaran Nacra 17 before making the switch back to windsurf foiling. Currently I am sailing full time and studying for my master’s degree in logistics. 
What do I do beside windsurfing: 
Everything that involves foiling!
Date of Birth: 5th of June 1977
Country and Residence: Spain
Sponsors: F4 Foils, JP Australia, X-Booms, Fidias Health & Sports
Disciplines: Race Foiling, Slalom Foiling, (Surf Foiling and wave sailing for fun)
Accomplishments: 11 times Spanish Formula Champion, 3 times Spanish Slalom Champion, 2020 Spanish Open Foil Champion
The short story: I have been on Olympic class Mistral One Design as youth from 1992-1999, mixing it up with Raceboard from 1996 till 2000 when i started Formula Windsurf, I have been doing Formula and Slalom for a long time until i started foiling in 2016. I am basically in love with windsurfing and if the days had more hours I would still enjoy going on a raceboard for pumping, but at this point I am too crazy about Foiling to think about anything else.   
What do I do beside windsurfing:
Work, spend time with my family  (not enough) Surf, wave sailing (also not enough 🙂 )
Date of Birth: 17th of June 1972
Country and Residence: France
Sponsors: F4 Foils, Neilpryde, JP Australia, Ma Charente Maritime, Camping de l’Atlantique, Quiksilver, ChrisBenz, Ohmeo, Lilentech, NegoLoc NegoTrucks MAN, Sellsy, Ile de Ré
Disciplines: Slalom and Speed
Accomplishments: 25 x World Champions
The short story: Born to windsurf and play with water, I was raised by my parents on a little island on the Atlantic coast of France named ile de Ré, we are still there with a beautiful sailing center.

What do I do beside windsurfing:
The last 2 years I was building my house myself with my dad.


Date of Birth: 25th of February 1980
Country and Residence: Norway
Sponsors: F4 Foils, Starboard, Avanti sails, Jibe wear
Disciplines: Slalom, Foil, Wingfoil
Accomplishments: Norwegian windsurfing speed record
The short story: I started searching for the meaning of life at age 30, and found it in windsurfing. Since then, the sport and the lifestyle has become everything for me.  
What I do besides windsurfing:  for fun, I ski and snowboard quite a bit in winter. For work, I just finished a paramedic degree, which is incredibly exciting work.  As a substitute I will get full flexibility. making it possible to combine work with my lifestyle.



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