Fernando Martínez del CerroDelgado...

Fernando Martínez del Cerro Delgado

Date of Birth: 
June 5, 1977
Country and Residence: 
F4 Foils, JP Australia, X-Booms, Fidias Health & Sports
Race Foiling, Slalom Foiling, (Surf Foiling and wave sailing for fun)
11 times Spanish Formula Champion, 3 times Spanish Slalom Champion, 2020 Spanish Open Foil Champion
The short story: 
I have been on Olympic class Mistral One Design as youth from 1992-1999, mixing it up with Raceboard from 1996 till 2000 when i started Formula Windsurf, I have been doing Formula and Slalom for a long time until i started foiling in 2016. I am basically in love with windsurfing and if the days had more hours I would still enjoy going on a raceboard for pumping, but at this point I am too crazy about Foiling to think about anything else.   
What do I do beside windsurfing:
Work, spend time with my family  (not enough) Surf, wave sailing (also not enough 🙂 )

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